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Welcome to RPM Marine, North America's leading importer of Yamato Outboard Racing motors. All sanctioning bodies in the United States and Canada have approved the use of our motors.


  • Yamato outboard motors and services
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Part Specials

Yamato 80 Secondary Coil $74.95
Yamato 80 and Yamato 102 Big End Rod Brg $49.95
Yamato 302 Kill Switch (3 wire) $29.95
Yamato 80 Cylinder Block with sleeves and studs $400.00
Timing Equipment (Buzz Box) $47.95
Timing Equipment (Dial Indicator) $40.00

Yamato 302

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Cubic in. 24.2
UIM classes osy 400
APBA classes osy 400, csh, csr, 20ssh, 25ssr

The Yamato model 302 is a 24.2 cubic inch stock racing engine. Like it's predecessors, this motor was developed specifically for use: in multi-billion dollar pari-mutuel boat racing industry in Japan. These motors are required to run heat after heat, day after day with perfect reliability at racing speeds. Therefore, they have been "over-designed" in relation to the job they perform.

Technical Blog

Check out our technical blog for articles and features about Yamato outboard racing motors. We will post information about timing, maintaining, and fine-tuning, so please visit this page frequently.

Contact RPM Marine

RPM Marine

2541 7th Avenue West

Seattle, WA 98119

Phone and Fax: (206) 283-4773

Email: ricstr4@gmail.com

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